Tile flooring and backsplashes are a great home-improvement option if you're looking for the perfect blend of durability and visual appeal. At Colonial Carpet & Flooring we're experts in all things tile - whether you're looking for a new installation, a repair or simple maintenance.

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Why Install Tile?

Tile is a time-tested, sturdy material that can easily stand up to daily wear that occurs through frequent use in your home’s most commonly used spaces – i.e. the kitchen, bathroom and entryways. You can choose from a seemingly endless selection of budgets, styles, colors, sizes and textures to ensure that the tile is perfectly suited to your own project vision. Tile can also be used on a wide variety of surfaces, most commonly flooring, but also for countertops, backsplashes, wall treatments and more. Furthermore, should one section of the tile become damaged, just the affected area can be simply replaced (rather than having to reinstall a completely new floor, for example).

Most Common Tile Materials

While tile can be made out of several materials, the most common (and our specialties) include ceramic and porcelain.

Ceramic is one of the most widely used materials for tile applications, well suited to all interior projects. Once glazed, ceramic tiles become impervious to water and stains – an ideal quality for use in the kitchen and bathroom. Ceramic is often also less expensive than porcelain.

Porcelain tile is perhaps the most durable tile material, however. It is exceptionally dense, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Should you opt for a specific color, this is baked throughout the entire section, so if a chip occurs it is difficult to see.


Our Tile & Backsplash Products & Services

Whether you're interested in installing tile in a new construction, or need a replacement for your old home flooring or backsplashes Colonial Carpet & Flooring is here for you! Our tile floor and backsplash services include installation, maintenance and repair as well as tile and grout repairs and more! We use only the top-quality products, ensuring our customers are more than satisfied with the end results. We're proud to team up with great businesses to offer you a wide selection of styles, prices, materials and colors.


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