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Why Hire a Pro?

Do-it-yourself home improvement can be a great way to hone new skills, save some money and make each project specified exactly to how you want it. However, carpet installation is a specialized skill that requires training, the correct tools, and knowledge of handling all the nooks and crannies of your space. Not yet convinced? Here are a few reasons hiring a carpet installation pro is a great idea.

Warranty Guaranteed

Most carpet manufacturers require that carpet is installed by a professional to ensure that the warranty stays intact. Carpets come in two widths: 12’ and 15’, so if your room is wider than 15’, there will be a seam and thus using professional tools such as a power stretcher are necessary.

Access to Specialized Equipment

Even if you’re great at fixing things around the house, it’s unlikely you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to install a carpet at the same caliber as the professionals. Tools may include a carpet trimmer, seam roller, carpet staples, knee kicker, etc. Purchasing this equipment for a one-time use will be very expensive – eliminating any savings you may have gotten by installing the carpet yourself.

Convenience, Waste & Cleanup

Preparing the space, removing the old carpet and cleaning up after the work is done are typically included in the price of carpet installation. This saves you time, money and the hassle of doing all the work yourself. This will also include removing and reinstalling baseboards, preparing the subfloor and making sure each aspect is done perfectly with a keen eye towards detail.

Our Carpet Products & Services

Whether you’re installing a new carpet in a completely new construction or simply looking for a replacement, we guarantee expert services including: carpet repairs (for burns or stains), rug serging, binding and fringing, stair runner installation, re-stretches and more. At Colonial Carpet & Flooring, we've partnered with industry-leading companies to offer only the top-quality products, ensuring our customers are more than satisfied with the end results. We’re proud to team up with great businesses to offer you a wide selection of styles, prices, textures and piles.


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