Tips for Choosing Your Tile

Ceramic tile is durable. It is cleaned easily and can protect your flooring and walls from water and other damage. Therefore, it is frequently used in front of doors and in kitchens and bathrooms. However, it is versatile and can be used for visual appeal or in high-traffic areas where another flooring may be damaged, such as in commercial buildings. These are tips for choosing your tile and ensuring proper tile installation.

Evaluate Your Space

Your first task in choosing your tile is to evaluate your space. Whether your space is small or large will determine your tile size, color and pattern. For example, you want to avoid bold colors and busy patterns in small spaces because they may make your space look smaller or be offensive to the eye. Instead, you may choose light colors and simple patterns in these spaces.

Large or long spaces allow you much more variety in your tile choice. For example, in a large bathroom, you may choose a busy tile for the floor while the shower walls may have no pattern, but the colors should be complementary. Bold color can be chosen, but make sure it will not drown out the other features in the room. Avoid sterile or dark tile in these areas, however, because it may make the room feel uninviting and oppressive.

Review Your Time Constraints

Your time constraints will have a significant impact on your tile choice. For example, if you choose a busy tile, it will take longer to install because the pattern must line up or the tile won’t look right. Also, if your tile has to be special ordered, it could extend your timeline.

Tile Installation Plan

As you have chosen your tile, you should create a plan for its installation. Set aside some space or draw out your floor or wall. You may use graph paper to ensure that your design and patterns reflect their actual look. Build a plan for your installation.

Choosing your tile, and the subsequent tile installation, can be time-consuming. It is not easily replaced, so select a pattern and color you want to live with for the foreseeable future.