Different Types of Carpet Installation To Choose From


When walking through a carpet store, you can see the different textures, piles, and weaves of the many plush floorings you can choose from. The type of carpet you select for your home can make a significant difference in the wearability or luxuriousness of any room. However, did you know that the different types of padding and carpet installation also affect how the flooring wears? Here are some different types of carpet installations you should know about before purchasing the flooring.

Glued Carpeting

This option is popular in commercial buildings because of the heavy wear and tear. The carpet is glued to the floor rather than lying above a padding. Although durable, glued carpeting is not as soft or comfortable to walk upon as when using other types of installations. Still, the firmness makes it a popular choice for homes with wheelchair access or heavy traffic areas, such as stairs.

Stretched To Fit

Stretched carpet is the most common type of installation used by homeowners. Tack strips or gripper strips are laid around the edges of the room. Heavy padding is laid down, and then the carpet is placed over that. The installer uses a carpet installation knee kicker to stretch the flooring over the tacks. The tiny nails can keep the carpet stretched tight for many years.

Pre-Cut Flooring

The pre-cut carpeting is a quick and simple option for many homeowners and has proven popular for bathrooms, pool areas, and decks. The room’s measurements are taken, the carpet and padding are cut at the warehouse and then delivered to the home. The installers unwrap the flooring and lay it down. The one disadvantage to this type of carpeting is the buckling that can occur if it stretches.

Carpeting can be a wonderful addition to your home or office building. So, when purchasing your carpet, make sure you discuss the grade of padding you want, and your choice of the carpet installation methods listed above.