Solid vs. Engineered Oak Flooring: Which Is Better?

As a homeowner, you have a lot of decisions to make, including what type of flooring you want in your home. If you’re having trouble deciding between solid and engineered oak flooring, we’ve got you covered.

Solid Oak Flooring

Solid oak flooring is made from a single piece of lumber, which gives it its beautiful grain and upscale appearance. This solid flooring has been popular in homes for centuries, so every good flooring and carpeting company knows how to install solid oak flooring.

While solid oak flooring looks incredible and lasts if you take care of it, it’s also an expensive upfront investment. Solid oak floors cost a lot more than engineered oak floors, so you have to be alright with paying a premium. Plus, solid oak flooring must be installed by an expert to prevent water damage, so a bad installation could lead to flooring problems. Still, solid oak flooring is an excellent choice.

Engineered Oak Flooring

If you want to save a little money and opt for flooring that’s easier to care for, engineered oak flooring is the way to go. This flooring is designed to look like solid oak flooring, but it’s actually made of layers of wood veneer and other synthetic materials. The result is flooring that looks great but doesn’t have the same weaknesses as solid oak. Engineered oak flooring is more resistant to moisture, more affordable and easier to care for.

The Verdict

The type of flooring you choose depends on a lot of things, from your budget to the size of your home. While solid hardwood flooring was all the rage years ago, engineered alternatives are becoming more popular. Engineered oak flooring provides a similar look to solid hardwood without all the hassle. No matter what kind of flooring you choose for your home, make sure you have it installed by a flooring expert.