Why the Right Flooring Is So Important

Each part of a room should serve a purpose, including the floor. When you choose the kind of floor you want in a room, think about how much use the room gets and the look you want to create. Here are four flooring examples and the ways you can use them.

Marble for Versatility

A marble floor looks elegant in just about any room of your home. It is beautiful enough for a classy entryway but also durable enough to handle a lot of foot traffic. Since it comes in multiple colors and textures, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Waterproof With Ceramic Tile

Mudrooms are becoming more common and ceramic tile is one way to waterproof this area. It’s also useful in the bathroom or kitchen, especially if you have young children. They can be glazed or not, depending on how shiny you want your flooring to be.

Hardwood to Look Tough

Hardwood is a classic floor material that lasts a long time and looks great. You can use it in hallways and dining rooms, or in your living space adorned with rugs. Some common hardwood floors include oak, pine, maple and birch. Hardwood can be stained or left bare depending on how dark you want your floor.

Reduce Maintenance With Laminate

For the cheapest floors that are the easiest to clean, try laminate. It’s also tough and durable, so it’s good for play areas for kids and pets. It withstands burns and chipping, but may scratch easier than hardwood.

When you need new flooring in a room, think about whether you want a new look or if your current material is suitable for your goals. Think about how much use the room gets and the kind of stress it needs to withstand. Finally, never overlook beauty. With all this in mind, your flooring can look great and withstand whatever you throw at it.