Is Vinyl Flooring Right for You?

Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners. This style of flooring has evolved more recently with many more options that look and feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Find out if this type of floor is right for your décor style and room.  

Your Budget

One of the top reasons homeowners choose vinyl flooring is because of budget. Vinyl is less expensive than other flooring styles. If you’re embarking on a big renovation with your contractor, opting for high-quality vinyl can help keep your budget on track.

Type of Space

Another thing to consider with vinyl is the type of space you’re renovating. Vinyl may not be the right choice for a bathroom floor due to the possibility of moisture becoming trapped underneath and leading to damage or discoloration. Rooms that get a lot of traffic, such as a kid’s playroom or rec room, may be ideal for vinyl due to its durability.

Property Value

You should also think about your property’s value before picking vinyl flooring. Homes that are functional and moderately priced may get the most value out of vinyl floor options. Higher-end properties may not benefit from a vinyl floor installation. Buyers for these types of properties may be expecting real ceramic tile or hardwood floor finishes.

Ease of Installation

It’s also worthwhile to consider the cost and ease of installation. With a vinyl floor, there may be lower labor costs with your contractor due to how simple and fast it can be installed. Additionally, if the room has space limits or other constraints, a vinyl floor may help make the renovation more feasible.


Finally, don’t forget to consider the design style of your room before choosing a vinyl floor. Today’s vinyl product choices are extensive, with tiles, planks and sheet vinyl floor options that often look high-quality and lush.

Vinyl flooring is something to consider if you have a limited budget and a lifestyle that demands a highly durable floor material. Talk to your contractor to see what kind of vinyl floor products would work in your space.