Top 4 Types of Carpeting

Carpet flooring is always in style, but the type of carpeting changes as styles change. If you look throughout history, you are bound to see a variety of styles. Even now, the styles vary. The type of carpeting you choose for your home depends on your style and your lifestyle.

While the market is flooded with several types of flooring, few options beat carpet. Not only can you choose between the following styles, but carpet can keep your floors warm, even in unheated areas. Here are some manufacturing terms to be aware of while shopping for carpet installation.

Flat Weave

The flat weave technique has the weft and warp threads interlocked. This creates a sturdy material. While this type of carpet is usually manufactured through the use of machinery, it can be hand-crafted. When you receive a carpet from China or Kashmir, it is most likely hand-crafted.

Needlefelt Carpet

Needlefelt carpet is most common in commercial buildings. You may see it in hotels and office buildings. It is a thin and stiff carpet, manufactured with synthetic material. Some residences may have carpet tiles that are made through the needlefelt process.


Tufted carpets are most often found in residential buildings. A tufted carpet has threaded pile with an initial backing. The backing is fixed to another backing surface through a hessian weave technique. In some cases, carpeting manufacturers may use glue.


With woven carpets, you’ll either have a plush or cut pile. Manufacturers create these carpets on looms. This process takes more time than most carpets. Given that the manufacturers tend to use wool as the primary material, they also tend to cost more than other carpets.

While there are a lot of flooring options on the market, carpet is a timeless choice. Carpet flooring comes in many different textures and colors. In addition, it can add warmth to colder floors, especially in the winter.