Give Your Kitchen Some Artistic Flair With a Tile Back Splash

The kitchen is sometimes considered the heart of a home, and with the popularity of open floor plans, it is likely also a room in which you and anyone who visits your home will spend considerable time. Having kitchen tile installed as a back splash is great way to add both value and beauty to your kitchen.

A new kitchen back splash can add a lot of visual impact to an important space in your home. However, since the overall square footage involved is generally much less than a tiled floor or even a wall in your bathroom, it is a place you can afford to splurge a little and let your artistic creativity loose.

You will first need to choose a type of tile for your new kitchen back splash. You can choose from a variety of materials, including traditional ceramic or porcelain tiles or something more modern such as glass or stone. For a truly one of a kind back splash, you could even select hand-painted tiles.

In addition to the material, you also have to choose a tile shape and size. Kitchen tiles come in as many shapes and sizes as they do materials. Small tiles usually come in sheets, while larger ones are sold and installed individually. Some common shapes you will find are square, rectangular, including the popular subway shape, hexagonal, and round.

After you have chosen a specific tile for your back splash, you must decide upon an overall design. Square and rectangular tiles can be installed in straight rows or staggered. Rectangles can also be placed in a chevron pattern for extra visual appeal. You can also choose to include several different colors or styles of tile in your back splash design. Companies that install kitchen tile will often have examples of their work on their websites which can be a great place to look for ideas for your new back splash.