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Why Tile Flooring Surpassed Linoleum in American Homes

When getting ready for a home improvement project, selecting the right flooring has a huge impact on how the space looks and feels. If you’re tempted to go with a cheaper linoleum product instead of the beautiful tile installation you really want, here are seven factors to consider:

1. Quality

Linoleum has a reputation, and it’s not usually a good one. Ceramic tile, on the other hand, is known for its amazing sheen, strength and beauty. For real professionals, tile is easy to work with and looks great on virtually any surface: kitchen and dining room floors, bathroom walls and anywhere else you want.

2. Durability

There’s no comparison here. Gorgeous tile literally lasts a lifetime, giving you decades of beautiful moments as a family. Enjoy breakfast together and unforgettable laughter with loved ones.

3. Property Value

Telling prospective buyers that your kitchen or en-suite bathroom has linoleum isn’t going to win you any points. High-quality tile installation, however, has an immediate effect on your home’s value due to the desirability of tile flooring for couples and families alike.

4. Personality

Beautiful surfaces add to a room’s ambiance. The right tile can give kitchens a modern, minimalist feel or provide a relaxing touch perfect for country comfort. Style, elegance and décor possibilities are endless with luxurious tile flooring.

5. Decor

Great tile maintains vibrant colors and patterns for ages. This makes it very useful in creating dynamic color combinations and styles that wow guests.

6. Ease of Maintenance and Repair

Cleaning a tile floor usually only involves regular sweeping and mopping. That’s it. If kitchen accidents lead to a broken tile or two, you only need to replace those tiles, not the whole floor as in the case of linoleum.

7. Cost

Linoleum may seem like the cheapest option at the time. However, when you take into account the number of years high-quality tile lasts with a single installation, ceramic tile is actually a more cost-effective solution.

To get the best results from your favorite tile floor, make sure to speak with the flooring retailer for professional tile installation.

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