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The Many Benefits of Wool Carpet for Home and Office


The flooring in your home or business is essential for both style and function. Carpet is a popular flooring choice, but you should choose a carpet that can hold up well beneath the expected foot traffic, while keeping its color and look. Wool carpet is a great option to consider.


Environmentally Friendly

Wool keeps sheep warm in the winter. Later, shepherds sheer the sheep to keep them cool during the summer. Wool is then used for a variety of materials including carpeting. Wool is an environmentally friendly resource for the following reasons:

  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable fiber
  • Recyclable
  • Lower carbon footprint


Flame Resistant

The natural flame-resistant material is perfect for flooring. The char layer of the fibers provides a thick layer that insulates against fire. In the event of one, wool has the ability to extinguish itself. Additionally, heat does not melt the fibers. Slowing down or preventing a fire can be a huge help in the event of disaster.


Healthy Luxury

Wool fibers are naturally hypoallergenic and hygienic making them a great choice for allergy sufferers. Asthma sufferers can breathe easy with the filtering abilities of wool. The material deters the growth of dust mites and bacteria and comes with no harmful gasses. The added grip the wool provides decreases accidents while also aiding with good posture and balance. The durable fibers resist stains while providing ultimate luxury to feet. Easily suck up dust and dirt with the vacuum and leave behind beautiful carpeting.

Long Lasting

Wool carpet contains naturally strong fibers. The resilient material lasts for years when properly maintained. The carpet handles the impact of heavy foot traffic with ease. Save money over the long term by investing in wool carpet.


Have your carpet installation done by a professional for the longest lasting wear. Professionals can also give you tips to maintain the carpet for years to come.

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