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Leave Berber Repair to a Professional


Berber carpet is a durable and affordable flooring option, and its short fibers make it one of the easiest to clean. While frequent vacuuming and annual cleaning are keys to its maintenance, this style of carpet may require additional care. Most likely you entrusted you Berber carpet installation to a professional. When a repair is needed, its best to count on an expert to get it done right. Here are three signs that signal it’s time for a repair.


Runs and Snags

A small snag may seem like an easy fix with a snip of the scissors. The way this kind of carpet unfurls makes it a more complicated matter. Berber’s loop and row design may turn that snip into a much longer run. When that happens, a section of the carpet needs to be replaced. An expert has the tools and knowledge to properly replace the donor carpet piece and minimize the visibility of the patch.


Warping and Bulging

During Berber carpet installation, proper stretching and adhesion ensures it is tightly installed and ready to be enjoyed. Over time, humidity and daily use can result in bulges or bubbles. Besides being unattractive, this issue can pose a tripping hazard. Hiring a professional to fix this issue means it will be stretched correctly. Additionally, they will have the know-how to fix any tack strips or padding during the repair.



If carpet fibers begin to unravel, it results in piling. Typically found in high-traffic areas, piling looks like small ball-like tufts on the carpet’s surface. This can make carpet unattractive and decrease its longevity. Luckily, this issue doesn’t have to result in getting new carpet. Industry experts use professional equipment, like a shearing machine, to remove the fluff and renew carpet.

The investment you made in your Berber carpet installation should last. Instead of personally tackling any issues that arise and potentially creating further damage, entrust a professional to get your carpet looking like new.

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